7 Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

7 Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

7 Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill 150 150 Avant Rooter Support Team

Water is what we look for when we discover a new planet. But for most of us, it’s the last thing on our minds. The average US household wastes 10,000 gallons of water every year due to leaks. About ten percent of homes have severe leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day. Damage from water is 5X more likely than theft and 10X more likely than fire.

Avant Rooter has information below to help you identify leaky pipes and save money on your water bill. If you have additional questions after this quick read, call us! Avant Rooter – 213-432-2220

Below are some tips and things to consider when it comes to leaky pipes and your water bill.

  1. Monitor the Water Bill

If your water use habits haven’t changed, but your water bill is rising, a leak may be blamed. You are probably using more water during COVID quarantine, than before you spent so much time in the house, so compare monthly bills during comparable months

  1. Watch the Water Meter

The best way to tell if you leak is to check the water meter. If you need help finding the water meter or reading the water meter, give us (Avant Rooter) a call at 213-432-2220

  1. Check for Patches of Greener Grass or Blooming Flowers

Water pipes beneath the ground and irrigation lines cleverly disguised in landscaping may begin as a slow leak and escalate into a more sinister problem. Green grass is a clear sign of excess water in the ground.

  1. Investigate Appliances and Fixtures

With so many facets in a home or business, it’s unreasonable to think at some point, one or more is going to leak. With each water drop, money is coming out of your pocket. A leaky faucet will drive up your water bill and cost you money.

The problem may be in the handle itself or deeper within the plumbing. Either way, the quicker the leak within a leaky faucet is identified and fixed, the quicker your water bill will go down.

  1. Dye Test the Toilets

If you notice your toilet running long after the flush has been finished, you probably have a leak. Humming, hissing, and low toilet bowl water are other indications that something is amiss. Toilet leaking is a common problem, can drive up your water bill and waste a staggering amount of water. A faulty flapper will cause water levels within the toilet to drop and promote constant water usage by filling and refilling. Waterline connections and cracks in sealants can also be guilty as charged.

  1. Stay Alert to Leaking Clues

A yellowish or brownish water stains on ceilings and walls or discoloration could indicate water leaking from behind the drywall.

Bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper could also mean that the wallboard is wet, and the paint or wallpaper is no longer adhering tightly. In some cases, you may also notice a bulge in the wallboard, which indicates the water damage is more extensive, and the wallboard will have to be replaced.

  1. Install a leak detection device, such as Flo from Moen

These smart plumbing devices (Flo from Moen)can monitor water usage 24/7 and can even shut off the water automatically if they detect that there is an extremely high water usage caused by pipe break. It can come in very handy, especially when you are out of town.

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