Five Reasons To Invest In A Tankless Water Heater

Five Reasons To Invest In A Tankless Water Heater

Five Reasons To Invest In A Tankless Water Heater 150 150 Avant Rooter Support Team

Tankless water heaters are very popular now because of the cost-saving and efficiency benefits. Tankless water heaters have lower operating costs, a longer lifespan, and many other benefits than tank-based water heaters.

  1. Old Water Heater Is Wearing Out

Traditional, tank-based water heaters usually have a large tank. Its lifespan is 10-12 years, and it comes with a warranty of 4-6 years, depending on the manufacturer. Traditional water heaters are also bulky and take up a lot of space.

When traditional water heaters get older, they become less efficient. The heating elements get clogged with grime and corrosion, leading to higher heating costs and poor performance. Water heaters need to be inspected every year, particularly after the warranty runs out. Leaks, corrosion, and other issues can reduce your water heater’s lifespan and damage your plumbing.

  1. Lower Your Monthly Power Bill

Did you know water heaters make up nearly 17 percent of your home’s electrical usage? This percentage is more than other household appliances. So, if you are looking to save money on your electric bill, tankless water heaters are an energy and cost-saving option.

 Why? It’s all about the design.

Traditional, tank-based water heaters use a sizeable tank-based reservoir, usually ranging from 30 to 100 gallons, depending on the house’s size. The water in this reservoir is heated, and then it’s held in the tank, ready to be used when needed.

Whenever you’re not using hot water, your traditional water heater is still consuming power. It maintains a steady temperature even when you are at work, sleeping, or our of town, to make hot water is available whenever you need it.  In contrast, tankless water heaters provide your house with hot water on-demand. Water flows through an advanced electric or gas heating system, which instantly heats it. Hot water does not need to be stores in tankless water heaters, which boosts efficiency dramatically, using up to 34% less power.

  1. Do not run out of hot water anymore.

Running out of hot water can be annoying, particularly if you need to take a shower to get ready for the day, or if you’re trying to get chores like doing laundry or washing dishes out of the way.

If you have a smaller water heater, such as a 30-gallon model, you may regularly run out of the water if your family members tend to take long showers.

Once hot water d in the Tank-based water heater has been used, it takes a long time to heat water. You will run out if you use up your hot water faster than it can be replenished.

It works differently in the tankless water heater. They are rated to provide a certain number of gallons per minute (GPM) – this is the rate at which the heater can deliver hot water to all appliances and faucets.  If your tankless is large enough, it will be virtually impossible to run out of hot water.

  1. Your Hot Water Use Tends To Be Spread Throughout The Day

Tankless water heaters do have several significant advantages – but they are not ideal if your family tends to use a large volume of hot water simultaneously.

In this case, a large-capacity tank-based water heater, with a 65-80 gallon capacity, maybe a better choice because running two or more tankless water heaters can be quite expensive. You will still save money in the long run, but these savings will not be as significant.

  1. You are Willing to Pay Upfront to save long term

Tankless water heaters are more expensive than tank-based heaters. Tank-based water heaters. However, tankless heaters have a more extended warranty, usually up to 15 years, compared to 6 years. Tankless heaters typically have a lifespan of 20+ years and do not experience drops in efficiency as they age.

They also require a lot less service and maintenance on an ongoing basis. The average family will save $100-150 per year when using a tankless unit – so over 20 years, that adds up to $3,000, making tankless heaters a better investment. As an additional bonus, SoCal Gas offers $400-1000 rebates until December 31, 2020 if you purchase and install tankless water heater this year

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