5 Trends for Plumbing in 2022

5 Trends for Plumbing in 2022

5 Trends for Plumbing in 2022 150 150 Avant Rooter Support Team

1. Residential plumbing systems will continue to be heavily used.

The ongoing pandemic and remote-work policies have accelerated the Working from Home trend, making a significant change in how we live and work. Over 50% of Americans will be working remotely in the future all or part of the time. This is a significant change from 2018, when only 7% of employees in the U.S. had an option to work from home. With each person generating about 100 pounds of poop and 140 gallons of pee per year, this means that homeowners’ plumbing systems in 2022 will be under continuous stress.

2. Shortages of plumbers will continue

Google searches for plumbers have increased to their highest levels in 5 years, indicating soaring demand for service workers and skilled labor. However, the National Homebuilder’s Association’s Spring 2021 Construction Market Report found a stunning 55% shortage of plumbers available for work. The average age of a journeyman plumber is now 60 years old. These pros have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be transferred, and there are not enough new entrants to replace them once they’ve retired.

3. Inflation in the plumbing industry might not be transitionary

Consumers are having difficulty finding appliances, plumbing fixtures and fittings. Rising costs affected every aspect of the plumbing supply chain, but especially water heaters. A. O. Smith Corp. said it boosted prices due to higher material costs and increasing transportation costs-they had 36% increase this year. The water heater division of Rheem has announced price increases of 10-12% on Rheem Tank Water Heaters in the spring of 2021. Bradford White raised their prices on March 29, 2021, for residential gas and electric water tanks by 9% and by another 8% on November 15, 2021. Push for water and energy efficiency.

4. Housing preferences are changing

32 percent of homebuyers are willing to pay more in upfront costs for a home with third-party green certification. They also are willing to pay for green features, especially those providing energy efficiency and cost-saving benefits over time. The global tankless water heater market is estimated to account for $23.2 billion in 2022. There are many benefits of tankless heaters that have driven the market to this growth — as the consumer demand for instant, endless hot water, and energy efficiency increases, so does the need for tankless. In addition, climate change and widespread droughts across the country are adding to the demand for better water efficiency.

5. Homes will not get any younger

If your house is nearing 40 years old, have a plumber with camera inspection capabilities inspect your clay sewer pipes for wear and tear. It’s likely getting near the end of its life and will need to be replaced soon with the appropriate plastic material. Over time, especially with infrequent but severe rainstorms, the ground will shift, creating cracks in the clay sewer pipe. These cracks release moisture, which tends to attract tree roots. Roots of trees can quickly wreak havoc on sewer pipes! So, it may be the right time to have your clay sewer pipes inspected for repair or replacement. Now is an excellent time to plan professional plumbing services!

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