Plumbing and Social Distancing, Is It Safe To Call A Plumber?

Plumbing and Social Distancing, Is It Safe To Call A Plumber?

Plumbing and Social Distancing, Is It Safe To Call A Plumber? 150 150 Avant Rooter Support Team

Plumbing and Social Distancing, Is It Safe To Call A Plumber?

The events over the last several months have left much uncertainty for many people. With social distancing orders in place and many businesses temporarily closed, many people have found themselves at home. This means that your plumbing system may be seeing more action than usual. With the increase in usage, leading to more clogs, your plumbing system may be working overtime. This can lead to all kinds of plumbing problems. Fortunately, plumbing is an essential business, so you don’t have to live in quarantine with a plumbing emergency. So is it safe to call a plumber while social distancing? 

Safety Precautions For Essential Businesses

With social distancing orders in place in most states and cities, essential businesses are still allowed to operate. However, under social distancing guidelines, many businesses like plumbers have adjusted the way they operate their business. Additional safety precautions outlined by the CDC are adapted to keep the health and safety of customers in mind as well as employees. These safety precautions include:

  • Screening and monitoring employees for symptoms
  • Screening house calls for symptoms
  • Wearing protective gear like face masks and gloves
  • Routine washing of hands and using hand sanitizer
  • Regular disinfecting and cleaning of workspace
  • Maintaining a social distance of 6 ft or more

At Avant Rooter, We Are Doing Our Part

In addition to adhering to the CDC guidelines, at Avant Rooter we want to make sure we are here for our customers while protecting their health and safety. Because let’s face it, your plumbing, won’t wait until social distancing is over to need service. Which is why we are also offering financing options to help lessen the burden of an unexpected expense. 

Your plumbing Won’t Wait.

With all this social distancing going, you are probably stuck at home. The last thing you want is to be at home with a plumbing emergency. Putting off repairs can cause more damage to your system and lead to more expensive repairs. For example, if you ignore a plumbing leak, you are potentially wasting thousands of gallons of water and increasing the risk of mold and water damage. Quarantine is no time to ignore your plumbing problems. Prolonging repairs can result in:

  • Health hazards like mold and sewage exposure
  • Damage to your home and surrounding area
  • More damage to your plumbing or HVAC system
  • Excessive water waste
  • Gas leak
  • Ineffective and inefficient heating and cooling

A well-maintained system will run more efficiently, effectively, and safely, and in the long run, save you money on operating costs. 

Keep Things Running Smoothly

During these unprecedented times, keeping your homes plumbing running smoothly is essential. The best way to keep your plumbing in good shape is to take preventative measures.

  • Watch what goes down the drain
  • Never pour grease down the drain
  • Always operate the garbage disposal with running water
  • Watch what your flush
  • Keep hair out of sink and shower drains
  • Monitor water pressure
  • Be proactive with leak detection
  • Be able to recognize the signs of a hidden leak: the sound of dripping or running water, water damage, unexplained puddles, the smell of mold or mildew, or a higher than usual water bill

coupon1If something seems off, don’t ignore it. A plumbing emergency can make social distancing a lot harder than it has to be. Avant Rooter is going the extra mile to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff. Contact Avant Rooter today to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 

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